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We’ve seen some great zombie apocalypse bike builds before, but few that seem as practical as this custom setup from Benno Bikes. Using the Benno Boost e-cargo bike as the base, they’ve outfitted it with an overlanding setup that’s equal parts camping, trailbuilding, and bug-outting capable.

Designed to work as a cargo bike but with handling and ride quality similar to a regular bike, the Boost is Benno’s biggest bike so far. It’s running 24″ wheels front and rear, with a slightly elongated trunk to give it a longer rack and more cargo space.

Benno Boost cargo ebike with overlanding camping trailbuilder setup.

They call it an “Etility” bike, and with the vast array of racks, mounts, and accessories available, it’s easy to make it find the type of utility you need.

Not only do they have an extensive catalog of add ons (it comes with the rear rack as standard), you can also choose between one of four Bosch Performance Line drive systems – Speed, CX, Sport, and base model – giving you both Class 1 and 3 options based on where you live (or how much you want to spend). And the top two versions can use a second battery to increase range up to 160 miles.

Benno Boost cargo ebike with overlanding camping trailbuilder setup. The bike normally comes with 24×2.6″ city tires, but these spiked knobbies look way better.

The frame has mounts for fenders and cages, and they offer their own custom racks that bolt directly into the frame to maximize their load carrying capacity. It’s rated for a maximum 440lb (200kg) load, including rider and bike, leaving you with approximately 130lb (60kg) of cargo (or passengers) in the back, and 45lb (20kg) on the front.

Benno Boost cargo ebike with child carrier seat rack

The Benno Boost comes in one size, designed to fit riders from 5’1″ to 6’3″. They offer standard and step-thru frames, and the rear rack system can hold up to two Yepp child seats, with or without the side rails to keep the little monsters contained.

Benno Boost cargo ebike with child carrier seat rack

Honky squeak toys and other accessories are all sold separately, some less annoying than others. With so many options, it’s best to check their website for pricing.

Fun fact: Benno Bikes is named after the owner, Benno Baenziger, who co-founded Electra Bicycles (which was eventually sold to Trek). Which makes the clean, modern look of these bikes no surprise, and they have some interesting new models coming, too.

Shown above is the Remidemi, a mini e-bike that also has cargo capacity with optional front and rear racks. It’s rolling on 20″ wheels with fat 4.5″ tires for mega grip and a smoother ride. The battery sits behind the seat tube so that they could give it a really low step-through design and upright riding position.

Get it with either the Bosch Performance Sport (28mph Class 3) or Performance (20mph Class 1) drive systems.

Benno eJoy step-thru commuter ebike

The Benno eJoy is a more traditional step-thru cruiser bike, but can use their side rack for panniers, full rack for a kid seat or more storage, and their front rack for groceries, backpacks, etc. Three motor options, two battery options, three colors, and a ton of accessories let you build it exactly the way you want it. And it has bigger 26×2.35″ wheels and tires, so it’s going to ride just like a regular bike.

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