By Suvi Loponen, Mar 6 2023
Benno 46er 10D CX Speed Denim Blue
2023 Benno 46er full bike, by Benno

The brand’s newest cargo bike is capable of carrying plenty and features front suspension for a smooth ride

The 46er is a rather unique electric cargo bike in that it is the same length as a regular bike.
But as Benno, the American manufacturer, says, that is about the only similarity. 

We have had a chance to see the Benno 46er in real life at the recent CoreBike show, and are going to be getting one in for a review soon. But before we put the bike through serious testing, let’s have a look at what it promises to deliver.

Benno 46er – cargo carrying capacity

Benno 46er 2022 with sketch overlay s4
We’ve already seen Benno bring out compact cargo bikes, such as the Benno RemiDemi 9D – but the 46er adds some more cargo capacity, without stretching the bike’s length so much. With a wheelbase of 1198mm, the 46er is 56mm shorter than the brand’s Boost e-cargo bike.

Despite the compact look, the 46er can carry a bunch of cargo – up to 190kg, to be precise (including the rider). This can be distributed across the bike, with the front rack taking up to 10kg and the rear rack up to 60kg.

While the front rack is not too big in size and  best suited for something like a basket or small bag, the rear is where this bike boasts heaps of versatility. The rack can be transformed to carry a variety of things, from dogs to kids to panniers and even surfboards. Benno offers a host of accessories that you can fit on the bike to customise it to your needs.
BENNO 46ER – Multifunction Utility Rear Rack
The rear rack can be equipped with a child seat, or when they grow up, a set of ‘side loaders’ (they’re basically footrests) and rails, or you can also opt to carry just cargo by attaching panniers to either side of the rear wheel.

Benno 46er – technical details

BENNO 46ER – Bosch Performance Speed Motor
Benno has really taken innovation to another level with the 46er, saying they “ditched convention and added capability” – starting with the wheels, which on the 46er are different sizes. The front gets a 26” for comfort and control, and at the back, the 24” lowers the centre of gravity and should offer more strength to the system.

The 46er is running on a top-of-the-range Bosch Performance Line CX e-bike motor, offering 85Nm torque, paired with a 500Wh battery that should offer a range of up to 80 miles. That can be doubled with the addition of a second battery, as the 46er can be made into a dual-battery system.

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BENNO 46ER – Suntour Mobie 25 Front Suspension Fork
In terms of componentry, Benno has equipped the 46er with a Shimano Deore 10-speed groupset, completed with Magura MT Thirty brakes (four-piston at the front, two-piston at the back). The fork is a Suntour SF18 MOBIE 25 and offers 75mm of travel to dampen down any bumps.

As mentioned before, the 46er is available with an abundance of accessories, and these also include a kickstand. The bike comes with a set of integrated front and rear lights, so those are always going to be attached when you need them.
BENNO 46ER – German Supernova E3 Tail Light

The 46er is only available in one size, but Benno says it should suit riders from 5’1” to 6’3” because of the adjustable seatpost and step-through frame geometry.

Check the full details of the 46er on Benno’s website.

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