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The 2020 Benno RemiDemi 9D is a mid-range commuter eBike that will help you comfortably navigate the city on a quick, comfortable, and stylish electric bicycle. The class 1 eBike has only one frame style, but is available in four different colors that will make you look as good as it is to ride on the RemiDemi 9D. The RemiDemi 9D is powered by a Bosch Performance 250W, 65Nm mid-drive motor, with a powerful Bosch 400Wh lithium-ion battery for an estimated range of up to 80 miles. Outside of the great motor, the RemiDemi 9D also comes with a number of other great features, including a premium seat, resilient fenders, an integrated light system, and a rear rack ready for carrying your briefcase and other cargo. With a number of other attachment points and accessory options, this 2020 Benno RemiDemi is a great eBike to consider for those who want to look and feel good as they ride around the city.

Bike Category: Class 1: Pedal assist to 20 mph

Who It’s For: Riders looking for a stylish, sturdy eBike that is built for navigating streets and getting you and your stuff to work.

Bike Specs

  • FRAME: 4130 CRMO Steel
  • UI/REMOTE: Bosch Purion Display
  • BATTERY: Bosch 400Wh Lithium-Ion
  • CHARGER: Bosch 2A
  • MOTOR: Bosch Performance 250W, 65Nm Mid-Drive
  • CHAIN: E Nove-91
  • SHIFT LEVERS: Shimano, Acera SL
  • CASSETTE: Shimano 9S, 11~32T
  • CHAINRINGS: 48 Mega T
  • DERAILLEUR: No front derailleur, Shimano Sora rear derailleur
  • RIMS: Double Wall w/Eyelets, Aluminum, 36H
  • TIRES: 20″ x 4.25″ Duro
  • SADDLE: Benno Comfort w/Elastomer Springs
  • STEM: Aluminum, Threadless
  • HANDLEBARS: Width 675mm, Rise 126mm, Aluminum
  • GRIPS: Benno Custom Ergonomic, Lock-on
  • BRAKES: Shimano Hydraulic Disk BR-MT200
  • PEDALS: One Piece Aluminum
  • KICKSTAND: Adjustable Center Mount Kickstand
  • BELL: N/A
  • HEADLIGHT: Herrmans Integrated Headlight
  • TAIL LIGHT: Herrmans H-Trace Integrated Rear Light
  • FENDERS: Extruded Molded Plastic


  • Great for commuting. Mid-drive eBike for commuting to work, exploring towns, and even hitting the occasional dirt road. The 4130 CRMO Steel frame is definitely on the heavy side, but makes for a very durable eBike that can get into the occasional accident and emerge unscathed.
  • Good power/distance combo. Class 1 eBike with pedal assist, powered by powerful Bosch technology. Depending on power settings and road conditions, can provide pedal assist for up to 80 miles. Still pedals well even when the motor and battery are not in use or out of energy.
  • Minimal exposed wiring contributes to the great look of the eBike while also minimizing risk of damage to the electrical system. Available in four distinct, cool colors.
  • The compact 2 Amp charger is very easy to store and take with you while you ride in order to recharge your eBike battery wherever you find an electrical outlet. Easy to access eBike battery mounted on the back of the central frame tube.
  • Premium eBike seat and handlebar grips. Packed with a ton of accessories as well for a very good valued package, though it is for mid-range buyers at $3,400. Fenders, rear wheel rack, and integrated lighting all are cool features that some premium eBikes don’t even have.
  • Simple, easy to control five power assist mode Bosch Purion display. Small enough that it won’t be too distracting, but large enough that you can control and get valuable information when you glance at it while riding.
  • Multiple LED lights on the rear for maximum visibility and safety. Headlight has a top-cut beam and that will allow you to use the light during the day and night without blinding cars while increasing your riding profile. Requires minimal energy, so the lights work even as low battery levels.


  • No suspension system. The steel frame does dampen overall shakiness and vibrations when hitting rough patches on concrete roads, but it does not handle off-roading well.
  • One frame size limits overall comfort of riders. Most adults will still be able to enjoy the RemiDemi 9D comfortably. Suggested for riders taller than 5’ and shorter than 6’4’’.
  • Fantastic overall accessory inclusion, and little you need to upgrade outside of the basic battery and charger. Definitely consider upgrading to the larger 500Wh Bosch battery and a 3 Amp charger for a quicker, longer lasting motor powered riding experience.


  • 4130 CRMO Steel Frame
    The chromoly, or 4130 CRMO steel alloy to be precise, is a premium frame build alloy that does increase the weight, but provides great durability and rigidity to the eBike. It’s not invincible but the RemiDemi 9D will withstand injuries much better than many other aluminum alloy based eBikes.
  • Bosch 400Wh, 11Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
    Solid battery with an impressive but wide range of 30 to 80 miles depending on road conditions and the power assist mode in use. Can be upgraded to a 500 Wh battery for even greater range.
  • Bosch 2A Charger
    Compact charger that is easy to store, use, and transport that will also recharge the eBike battery quickly. Can recharge the battery fully in about four hours or less.
  • Bosch Performance 250 W, 65 Nm Mid-Drive Motor
    Fantastic mid-drive motor that will provide you with pedal assist but make your riding experience resemble and feel like a traditional, non-motorized bike. Will provide assistance up to 20 MPH, but will still allow you to pedal even when the motor is dead or not in use.
  • Bosch Purion Display
    Simple, easy to use LCD display that will help you control your motor, report your travel distance, and inform you of other helpful things while you ride. Also has a walking assist option for when you’re off your bike!
  • Shimano 9S, 11~32T and 48 Mega T e Nove-91 Drivetrain
    The 9-speed drivetrain relies on the reliable Shimano 11-32 T cassette, with the front chainring consisting of a 48 Mega T cog joined by the e Nove-91 chain. Fenders also help keep the drivetrain clean, with the Shimano Sora rear derailleur guarding against chain slippage.
  • 20″ x 4.25″ Duro Tires
    The 20’’ tires are well built for speed and riding over concrete streets, while the 4.25’’ thick tires will provide stability and comfort, even when hitting the occasional rough patch. The double wall rims and stainless 14G spokes ensure that you can rely on well built tires as you head to work and other places around town.
  • Benno Custom Ergonomic Grips and Premium Benno Comfort Saddle
    While the RemiDemi 9D is only available in one frame size, most adult riders should feel very comfortable riding the 2020 eBike. The Benno Comfort saddle comes with Elastomer Springs for a cushioned, plush riding experience, while the Benno Custom ergonomic handles provide great texture support to hold onto while riding.
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disk BR-MT200
    The integrated Shimano braking system is designed to work with the electric bike motor. When you apply the brakes, the motor will be cut off without damaging the motor or braking system, allowing riders to come to a quick, safe, and steady stop.
  • One Piece Aluminum Pedals
    The one piece aluminum pedals are a step above plastic pedals found on many other eBike models. Not only are these pedals sturdy, but they provide ample space in order to comfortably put your feet down as you ride throughout the day.

In-Depth Review


Benno Remi Demi 9D Olive
The Benno remiDemi 9D frame is built out of 4130 CRMO steel, or chromoly steel, and is the same material used in many aircraft parts. While the RemiDemi 9D does have a deep step-through design, a design that has led to some flexing issues in other eBikes, the chromoly base provides for a very sturdy feel that will make it comfortable for almost any adult rider. With the back cargo frame, you also won’t have any trouble fitting your eBike with extra cargo as well, providing an impressive total weight support of up to 400 lbs. However, the one downside is that the bike weighs 65.3 lbs for it, making it on the heavier side and somewhat tricky to load on bike racks and in cars for smaller, lighter riders.

The only other negative we have against the frame is that it is only available in one size. While this eBike is built for comfort, especially when ridden in cities and on urban streets, very tall or short riders may feel uncomfortable riding this eBike. Officially, RemiDemi recommends the 9D eBike only for riders taller than 5’1’’ and shorter than 6’1’’. However, from our own researcher, we think that most riders taller than 5’ and shorter than 6’4’’ should feel comfortable using the 2020 RemiDemi 9D. Even so, while most riders will fit in this size range, we do hope to see more frame options in the future for a more precise and comfortable fit for adult eBike users.

Motor & Battery

Bosch Motor and Battery

The Benno RemiDemi 9D is a Class 1 eBike with up to 20 mph pedal assist.

The RemiDemi 9D has a 250W/65Nm motor, coupled with a 400Wh battery, both of which are produced by Bosch. Together, you can expect to go between 30 to 80 miles on a single charge, with the wide range impacted by the overall battery power usage and by road conditions. The RemiDemi 9D features a pedal assist system, with the motor providing powered assistance up to 20 MPH before cutting off. As a mid-drive system, the Bosch motor system will help propel your eBike without making the experience feel dramatically different from riding a traditional bicycle that doesn’t have a motor. We like mid-drive systems over hub-drive systems for this reason, as they don’t have the same jerky feel that is associated with hub-drive motors.

From empty to fully charged, you can expect the Bosch Powerpack 400 to take about four hours to reach full capacity. The Bosch Purion controller, which you can read about in the next section, controls the five power modes along with the walk assist that dictate how much power the motor provides. Lower assist modes will provide small boosts of power and make your battery last longer, while higher assist modes will help you build your speed more quickly at the expense of a faster draining speed. The motor will kick in and assist riders up to 20 MPH, at which point it will shut off and allow you to go faster through the use of manual pedalling. While many riders would probably like to go even faster with the motor assist, the 20 MPH cap ensures that anyone can purchase and use the Benno RemiDemi 9D without additional licensing.

The Bosch PowerPack 400 is located on the reverse side of the central tube of the RemiDemi 9D, which lowers the weight and center of gravity of the eBike for greater handling and control. To charge the battery, you can use the compact 2 Amp charger, which works well with the Bosch battery and is also small enough to make it comfortable to ride with as you tour the city and hit the streets. However, the RemiDemi 9D is compatible with the Bosch PowerPack 500 and 4 Amp charger, which will decrease the required charge time and increase its range by 10 to 15 miles per average trip. We highly recommend upgrading the battery and charger if you purchase the RemiDemi 9D for the best, longest, and quickest overall eBiking experience.

Display/Assist Modes

Bosch Purion Display Picture

While some riders may prefer a more advanced display, we quite like the Bosch Purion display controller. At just 1.75’’, it’s large enough that you can read and control the display unit without being distracted or finding your handle bars rendered cumbersome with an excessively large unit. The Purion controller is also quite simple to use, and provides a number of useful metrics to understand and improve your ride. The Bosch Purion display includes the following metrics:

Bosch Purion Display Metrics

  • Battery Level (1 – 5)
  • Current Speed
  • Assist Level (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Walk)
  • Trip Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Estimate Range
  • Lights

To operate the control unit, be aware of the following:

  • + button: Increases assist level. Hold the button for lights.
  • – button: Decreases assist level. Hold the button for readouts.
  • Walk mode button: Engages walk mode.
  • Power button: Turns on the LCD display.
  • – button and power button together: Changes measuring units from miles to kilometers.


  • On Streets- The 4.25’’ tires, with 35 maximum PSI, work great on city streets. You will be able to dodge pedestrians, mail boxes, lamp posts, and other objects with ease as you zoom and cruise through the city. The steel frame absorbs vibrations well, and reduces the shock and rumble you might otherwise feel when you hit cobblestone or other rough patches.
  • Turn Radius- The 20’’ tires do help reduce the turn radius, and for the most part you will be able to make tight turns well with the RemiDemi, especially on concrete roads. However, this is not an eBike we would recommend taking off roading, especially on very rough dirt trails or on unmarked paths. While the tires are large and can handle the ground well enough, the lack of a suspension system does make it rough to make a turn comfortably when riding on less than stellar terrain.
  • Low Speed Handling- Weighing 65.3 lbs, this is an eBike that is a bit tricky to handle at lower speeds or walking when not in use. However, the RemiDemi 9D does have a walk mode that makes it significantly easier to handle when off the bike. Simply engage the walk mode, and you’ll get a small power assist that will propel the eBike forward when not in use. Alternatively, you can also use the low power eco mode for a small power assist while you’re riding the eBike but are trying to maintain a lower average speed.


The RemiDemi 9D drive train consists of a 9 Speed 1×9 Shimano Sora Derailleur, with a Shimano CS-HG200-9 11-32 tooth cassette and 48 tooth narrow chainring protected by an aluminum alloy guard. The cranks themselves are SAMOX EC39-F30 forged aluminum alloy arms, and are 15mm long, giving you sufficient clearance from the frame itself for a comfortable seating position. Overall, this is a tight drive train setup, with protective fenders that will reduce the impact and straining from sand, mud, and other substances while also protecting the chain from debris. The narrow setup, along with the support provided by the Bosch mid-drive, further ensures that you will rarely ever have to remount your chain or perform serious maintenance on the RemiDemi 9D’s drive train if you provide just a little proper care during and after use.

The handlebar shifters consist of Shimano Acera Triggers on the right handle, with a one-way high lever and a three-shift low lever. These are mostly comfortable to use, though the one-way high lever is a bit small and only provides support for one finger and will make some riders adjust their shifting style. You can read more about the shifters and handlebar setup further into our review.


Remi Demi 9D Blue

The front and rear brakes are both Shimano hydraulic disk BR-MT200, which provides great stopping power while also ensuring that any stops are short, smooth, and safe. These brakes are interconnected with the motor system so that, the second you apply them, the motor itself will immediately cut off. With this connection, the brakes will help you come to a quicker stop without having to compete with the motor, while also extending the life of both the rabies and motor alike. The brake levers themselves are the easy to grab Shimano BL-MT200 levers, providing additional consistency with three finger grips that also have adjustable reach.


The stock RemDemi 9D does not have a suspension system, though it really isn’t meant for use in back country roads or for serious mountain biking adventures in the first place. The steel frame does reduce much of the strain and vibration that comes with riding over uneven ground in the city, but due to the lack of suspension we wouldn’t recommend riding the eBike outside of towns and cities. If you do have the occasional rough patch that you want better support for, or are just looking to have an even smoother ride, a 30.9mm suspension seatpost is an easy to provide suspension option you can install in the 2020 Benno RemiDemi 9D.


The wide aluminum alloy pedals are a step above the basic, plastic pedals that many eBikes tend to rely on, even some premium eBike models on the market. These pedals are wide enough to support shoes large and small, and the aluminum alloy will be able to withstand damage much better than cheaper, plastic pedals. We also appreciate the reflectors included on the pedals, as it further increases the rider’s visibility in order to help prevent crashes and other accidents. These are great pedals for city riding as well, and will work fine even if you do decide to try to venture a bit off-roads with the RemiDemi 9D.

Grips and Saddle

The saddle is the Benno Branded Velo wide comfort style seat, which is stitched with faux leather for a large and comfortable saddle that is also plush to sit in in order to prevent slippage. The saddle is 30.9 mm in diameter, enough space to fit even larger riders, and is connected to an adjustable 350 mm seat post. The seat post itself is made out of aluminum alloy, with a two-bolt clamp to lock it down once you’ve found your desired height.

The handlebar is made out of aluminum alloy as well, and is 700mm wide, with a 13mm rise and 10 mm backsweep. The grips are Benno branded ergonomic rubber, balancing solid grip texture to keep your grip tight while riding while protecting against blisters and other forms of hand irritation. Brake levers are featured on both grips, as are a one finger one-way high lever and a larger three-way lower lever. The high lever is a bit small, and due to its placement it typically can only be moved with the index finger, which may be a bit uncomfortable for riders who have used a larger lever in the past on other bikes. It’s a minor problem, but will explain why you might not feel totally comfortable riding this eBike the first couple times you go out riding with it.

Wheels and Tires

The Duro tires are 20’’ by 4.25’’, with a maximum PSI rating of 35 PSI. The rims are 36 hole Benno branded HJC, built with an aluminum alloy double wall, with 14 gauge stainless steel spokes. Overall, these wheels are great for city riding, providing a very solid balance of speed to cruise around back alleys and open concrete streets alike while providing solid balance and traction even as you hit the occasional rough patch. Between the chromoly steel frame and these larger, fatter tires, you’ll hardly feel much vibration or unsteadiness on flat and even roads, though they won’t provide much support once you hit the dirt. If you find yourself riding on a boardwalk or want to feel a bit more comfortable, you can also let a bit of air out of the 35 PSI tires for a smoother experience on looser terrain.


There are a ton of great accessories packed in with the Benno RemiDemi 9D, ensuring that the $3400 dollar price tag is all that you have to pay to have a great riding experience. While we ourselves would personally upgrade the battery and charger, the majority of those who stick with the base components will be very satisfied with the performance offered by this electric bike.

To give you a better idea of what’s included and what you may want to consider upgrading, the Benno RemiDemi 9D gear setup consists of the following:

  • Custom Plastic Fenders
  • Integrated Rear Rack
  • Herrmans Integrated Headlight
  • Herrmans H-Trace Integrated Rear Light
  • Side Windows
  • Center Mount Kickstand
  • Optional Dual Kickstand
  • Thick Rubber Slap Guard
  • Bosch 400Wh Battery + 2A charger
  • Optional Bosch 500Wh Battery + 4A Charger
  • Optional Mini Front Tray/Utility Front Tray
  • Optional Utility Front Tray Bag
  • Optional Front Tray Basket


Remi Demi 9D Gray

The 2020 Benno RemiDemi 9D is a great option for those with experience riding traditional bicycles that are looking for a familiar experience in a mid-drive eBike. The RemiDemi 9D is available in four stylish colors, and while it is limited by it’s one frame size the steel based eBike will satisfy most adults who try it out. The Bosch 65 Nm torque motor, along with the 400Wh battery, will help you travel up to 80 miles on a single charge with it’s pedal assist motor system. Furthemore, you’ll have a blast as you navigate the city with its solid handling, coupled with the large 20’’ x 4.25’’ tires, and Shimano drivetrain. Furthermore, the mid-level eBike is a great value at $3,400 dollars, thanks to features like integrated lights, the already installed rear rack system, and premium handle grips, seat, and pedals. So, if you are looking for an eBike great for commuting or touring around a city, the 2020 Benno RemiDemi 9D is a great option to consider!

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