RemiDemi XL Passenger Kit

Model: A2044

Compatible with:


Color: Black


  • RemiDemi Seat Pads (2)
  • RemiDemi Wheel Guard Set (2)
  • RemiDemi Sideloader Set (2)
Benno_Bikes Warning Label Icons 2023

When carrying passengers, rear wheel must be covered! Install RemiDemi XL Passenger Kit. Failure to do so could result in serious injury! Make sure that no parts of the body or clothing come near moving parts on the bicycle, such as chain, spokes, tires or brakes. Install and use only as a complete kit (Wheel Guards, Seat Pads and Sideloader Sets). Passengers must be able to securely hold themselves on the bike. Do not exceed total max gross weight of the bike and/or rack max load.