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By Mark Sutton.

Ison Distribution’s partnership with US e-Bike label Benno Bikes has begun with the debut of three new models for the UK market.

Designed with the ethos of replacing the car, Benno’s utility ready builds are built around adding modular luggage carrying capability, with everything from child seats to surf boards factored in.

“The days of choosing between city commuter and cargo bikes are over. Etility is the only style that blends the best of those two worlds. Likewise, the days of having to sacrifice great looks and a great ride for utility are also over. I truly believe Benno’s designs have set the new standard for what to expect from a non-road or non-mountain e-Bike,” Said Bryan Harris, Benno Bikes’ UK brand manager.

The RemiDemi is a new breed of e-bike with a fun, yet sturdy ride that gives the rider assured control. The unique design of the pragmatic frame gives it a fresh yet timeless and simple look. Being a Benno, it has the trademarked Etility Design which means it can carry more cargo and can easily be accessorized with different Benno front trays, Yepp child seats and most Racktime baskets, trays and bags.

Also in the range is the now award-winning Boost E. Its rigid aluminium frame and 24″x2.6″ custom tyres, combined with the Bosch Performance Line CX Electric motor, provide a powerful and sturdy ride. A smart, interchangeable rack and rail system provides dozens of possible configurations to suit the purpose, with its versatility making the Boost E the choice of professional rescue teams, adventurists, bike couriers and everyday suburban explorers allowing a massive 200kg gross weight carry limit.

The end consumer is able to customise their Boost E to suit their own personal needs from moving simple boxes, transporting children to carrying a surfboard to the beach.

Last of all, the eJoy is inspired by the lines of vintage Italian scooters and classic German cars and combines vehicle design of the past with Benno’s Etility engineering. Equipped with the Bosch Performance electric motor paired with a sturdy oversized rear rack and optional frame-mounted front tray also gives serious load capacity.

Stock is ready to ship to stockists from this week. Interested dealers should contact the brand manager at Ison for details of the range via Catch CI.N’s recent profile of the distributor’s wider portfolio here.

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