Model years are a thing of the past—now, every day is new-bike day.

Sep 11, 2019

By Bicycling Test Team

As summer breathes its last, you might be thinking of digging out your puffy and getting ready for a few months of Zwift. But new-bike season isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s always new-bike season as brands have largely moved away from model-year launches and toward drop-it-when-it’s-ready. Based on our conversations with product managers and PR flacks—and our own observations at the recent Eurobike trade show—here’s what’s hot right now: e-bikes, e-bikes, e-bikes, and, oh yeah, e-bikes. But even if you’re not in the market for a new e-bike, many exciting new road, mountain, gravel, kids, and urban bikes have rolled out recently. Here’s a look at the coolest new bikes we can’t wait to ride.

Benno Little Bit of Awesomeness

Price: TBD
Available: TBD

Ok, this bike isn’t really called Little Bit of Awesomeness, but it’s so new that Benno has yet to name it. It’s also unlike most e-bikes in that it has small, wide, 20-inch wheels, and just a little space in the rear for a child seat or cargo. That makes it comfortable on rough roads and easier to manage than a lot of cargo bikes. Some of its design cues come from vintage Italian scooters, says company founder Benno Baenziger and it delivers on his company’s “etility” philosophy: making e-bikes that are stylish and useful, with solid performance. This one is easy to jump on, and the small wells give it exceptional slow-speed handling, just what you want for navigating busy places.


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