With a good electric bike, you can easily get around the city or even outside of it. It’s a plus to have one… and that’s why we’ve rounded up the best electric bikes in New Zealand for you!

E-bikes have a motor that works with your pedalling to help you sustain speed with low effort. However, you still need to shift gears to adjust to the road.

The latest trends have seen a rising number of people using them. If you want to join their ranks, we’ll show you the best electric bikes in New Zealand right now.

But first, it pays to know what you should be looking for when you make your choice. We’ll go over those factors before we show you our list of the best electric bikes in New Zealand for this year.

What Should I look for in an E-Bike?

In the main, the things you’re looking for will depend on your circumstances. But let’s take them one by one so you have a better idea of how to choose a model.


When it comes to the bike’s motor, you should choose between a mid-drive and a rear hub.

A mid-drive motor is built and attached to the lower centre of the e-bike. That makes it stable and balanced for riding.

It’s also more capable of taking on inclines such as hills. Torque-powered, you have to step on it for it to get it going and move.

On the other hand, the rear hub motor is set on the back of the wheel, which makes the bike heavier in the back. But it is cheaper and quieter to operate.


Hydraulic disc brakes are the best you can get, as they stop gently and seamlessly on the road. They also work well in wet road conditions without needing frequent maintenance.

Rim brakes are good enough to use for most situations, but they don’t work as well under the rain, by comparison.

Lastly, cable disc brakes are good-to-have brakes but have to be maintained frequently.

Auto Speed Assist

Electric bikes come with a pedal assist. They are like programs that let you choose a particular speed and make the motor and bike adhere to that speed.

As you pedal to a certain speed, the auto speed assist of the e-bike will take over and maintain that speed throughout your ride. But when you slow down on the pedals, the motor will slow down as well.

Compared to regular bicycles, it helps you tackle longer distances and higher inclines without putting in as much effort as on an ordinary bike.

Front and Rear Suspension

These mainly act as shock absorbers that keep your bicycle in tip-top shape for years to come. They’re very important because they not only keep your e-bike durable but also keep you safe and stable when riding it.


Choosing the right saddle is necessary because there are some that become uncomfortably painful in longer rides. It’s up to you to pick which one feels the best for you.

In case the e-bike that you fancy doesn’t have a comfortable saddle, you can let a bike specialist customise it for you.


Smaller and smoother tires are only good for cycling on roads. They won’t give you enough torque to climb hills or fare well in off-road conditions.

On the other hand, large and treaded wheels give better traction and speed on rough ground while dragging on smooth roads.

Again, choose based on where you plan to take the bike. If you traverse smooth roads more often, go with a bike that has smooth tires — otherwise, treaded wheels are preferable.

In any case, now you know what to think about when choosing an electric bike. Now we’re all set for our lineup of the best electric bikes in New Zealand.


7. Boost E 10D

Max Speed: 20/28mph | Max Range: 25-80mi (40-130km) | Tyres: Custom Benno Dual Sport 24″ x 2.6″

Price: $3,999

Buy It Here

No distance is farther and no load is heavier when you ride Boost E 10D. This e-bike is compact and extremely sturdy, built with strong yet lightweight frames. With its Custom Benno Dual Sport 24″ x 2.6″ tires and Bosch Performance Line Gen 2 motor system, you’d definitely enjoy taking long and uphill rides. Running an errand will also be seamless as ever as its system includes interchangeable racks designed to carry multi-size loads.Meanwhile, it is also equipped with a minimalist on-board display system which allows you to choose and view riding modes, charging status, speed display, total distance, etc.Take your ride to the next level with Boost E 10D.


  • Bosch PowerPack 400 watt hour battery
  • Utility Front Tray can carry up to 25kg/55lbs
  • Maximum assist speed of 20mph

That’s it for the best electric bikes in New Zealand! The products we listed here are the absolute best we can find on the island right now, whether in terms of tyres, brakes, motors, or design.

We didn’t include the folding bikes or cargo bikes because those belong to a different category, by the way. That said, at least one of our picks (the Giant Explore E+4) is designed so that you can set up a pannier rack for it.

If you have any questions, criticisms, or suggestions, please let us know. We’ll be happy to learn and, of course, happy to help you!

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